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It’s the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 17, just a few hours before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement begins. I’m seeing more than one message come up on Twitter wishing folks a “Happy Yom Kippur.”

“Happy” is not the emotion that comes to mind when pondering Yom Kippur. Endurance, maybe. Hunger. Thirst. But mostly the prospect of facing my sinfulness for the next 24-plus hours.

However, we messianics have an ace in the hole: Messiah, who has paid the price for our sins.

Yes, we need to clean up our acts to be better disciples, to let our light shine better. But, Yom Kippur should in the end be a joyous time. It should, if nothing else, remind us of the price Yeshua paid for our sins and the fact that they are, through Him, forgiven by the Father.

So, well, happy Yom Kippur, y’all.