What do you think about believers who aren’t messianic? Are they sinners/pagans/heretics because they don’t keep Sabbath, dietary laws, wear tzitzit? Are they to be avoided? Judged? Evangelized? Do you believe their theology is pagan? Do you believe messianics are superior in their grasp of biblical truth?

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The answers to these questions will reveal how the congregation deals with other Christians. Answers will range from “They’re our brothers and sisters in Messiah, but we disagree with them on observance of the Law” to “They just don’t understand, but they are in sin” to “They’re enmeshed in a Babylonian, pagan theological system.”

If you’re looking for a congregation that doesn’t try to isolate itself or doesn’t try to cut itself off from the larger Body of Christ, then pay close attention to their answers. It’s understandable that there will be disagreement over application of the Law, but if congregational leaders feel the rest of the Church needs to be pressured into keeping all aspects of the Torah, then that’s a problem.

Another good question to ask is if leadership feels those who don’t keep Shabbat, dietary laws, etc., are “lawless,” in the sense of Matthew 7:23:

And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

 That’s a tough one to defend, but it’s definitely pushed in some congregations. If they believe that “lawlessness” spoken of by Messiah means that not keeping the seventh day as a Sabbath, not keeping kosher, not observing the annual feasts, not wearing tzitzit or not having a beard (at least for men), then that’s a pretty narrow view, especially if high moral standards are kept by those Christians. It’s essentially condemning Christians for perceived failure to observe some outward commandments (given to the Jews, but that’s another post) even though they are striving to observe the inward commandments against coveting, adultery, deceit, etc.
A superior messianic attitude is also a problem. If it’s taught to the congregation that messianics are superior over other Christians, it can and most likely will lead to strained if not destroyed family relationships and other friendships. (I speak from experience.)
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