Jacob Fronczak

Jacob Fronczak, a pastor at a Baptist/Presbyterian congregation in Michigan, has signed on as the newest member of First Fruits of Zion’s creative team.

Boaz Michael, president and founder of FFOZ, announced the move earlier this week.

The addition of Jacob is part of FFOZ’s newer effort to reach out to Christians in mainstream churches, evangelical and otherwise. Jacob’s duties are described as focusing on “creating resources that assume that the reader is not familiar with Messianic thought, terminology, or concepts.”

We need resources that are engaging and not overwhelming. We need resources that can connect with and relate to Christian readers. We feel that our current resources assume too much of the reader, are too detailed and cumbersome, and ultimately miss the opportunity to share what we have to offer with sincere and seeking Christians.

Jacob is perfectly suited for that. He has worked with First Fruits for quite some time, writing reviews for Messiah Journal, and spoke at the most recent FFOZ conference at Shavuot this year. He also has worked with Boaz on a recent book (Twelve Gates) and an upcoming book as well. But as a pastor in a mainstream church, he also knows the needs of that area of Christianity, and can tailor his teachings for those brothers and sisters. If you need to know how he thinks (and what he reads), you can do so at his excellent Hope Abbey blog.

I’ve gotten to know Jacob and his family at the past few FFOZ conferences and appreciate his careful and deliberate thinking. (I also received a ride back to the hotel from his dad, who came to the most recent conference with Jacob. It was my first ride in a Prius. Riding in a car that often didn’t make any noise freaked me out a bit.)

Good move by First Fruits and congratulations to Jacob. I hope his work there will bear much fruit in the Body of Christ.

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