Why I no longer fear the word “Easter”:

  • The feast day is only called that in two languages, English and German. In all other languages, it’s a variant of Pascha, which is a Latin variant of the Hebrew Pesach, which is … Passover. Just go to Google Translate and type in “Easter” and translate it into the language of a culture with a Christian heritage.
  • “Easter” is called that not because of its actual association to a pagan god, but because of the month in which the celebration usually falls, which we call April. Ostern or Eostre MAY have been named for a pagan goddess in the German language. But the festival was most likely given the name in German and then English because of its proximity to the month, not because of any pagan connections.

I regret my years of criticizing fellow believers for celebrating Easter and accusing them of pagan worship. While I may still disagree with Easter eggs and bunnies, etc., I also know that I have more to worry about with living a life pleasing to the Lord than with how other people are living their faith.

For more clarity on alleged pagan connections to Christian holidays, refer to Toby Janicki’s “What About Paganism?” http://ffoz.com/what-about-paganism-audio.html