About CT

There was a time when you could go down to the corner bar, or corner barbershop, or corner coffeeshop, and meet with your friends, talk over the issues of the day.

We do most of that virtually now, which is a shame, but we can still try to make the best of it.

The Corner Tassel (obviously a reference to both the idea of a neighborhood gathering spot and the tzitzit tied onto the corners of certain ritual garments worn by Jewish men) is a place to gather and talk about the messianic issues of the day. And there are plenty.

The conversation may get heated at times, but if we remain in the spirit of fellowship, we can get through that.

So pull up a thread and stay a while … at The Corner Tassel.


3 thoughts on “About CT”

  1. Hi Mike. I’m a long-time Messianic as well (over 15 years, since childhood).

    First time coming across this blog. Looks like you have a fine thing started here. Subscribed.

  2. Thanks, Judah. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now. Hopefully, we’ll get some interaction going.

  3. Oh, cool, glad to hear it. Blessings in Messiah.

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